Sunday, June 17, 2018

How to Make Your Used Car As Glamorous As You

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Whether your car is a brand new purchase or five years old, you must take pretty good care of it. Your car serves you so much every day. You take your children to school in your car; you go to the office in it, and it also holds all your shopping bags when you go on a crazy shopping spree. It bears the accident marks from your initial driving days, stains on the seats from the coffee you had. The brake may have become loose. All of these needs to be taken good care of. Maintaining your car not only keeps your car brand new for long but also prevents any accidents from occurring in the future. If you want to make your car glamorous and want some tips on how to do so then read on.

Removing the scratches

The first thing that people most often notice on your car is the scratches on it. Scratching removes paint from your car and makes your car look older than it actually is. If you want to preserve the beauty of your car then go for a repaint. If you have proper insurance from the car company then you can get a good paint job done at a cheaper rate. If you still do not want to spend so much then there are pens available in the market that can remove small scratches in few rubs and make your car look brand new again.

Car wash

Your car goes through so much every day. The wheels collect so much dirt and grime from the road. It is important to wash your car every week. You can get the car professionally washed or you can wash it yourself with some good car shampoo available at various petrol pumps.

Car polish

New cars have a kind of sheen to them but as the car ages, it is gone. Do not worry; you can get the sheen back by using rubbing compounds for cars and other polishing materials.

Proper servicing

Change the engine oil, check the brake, proper functioning of the horn, alignment of the car, and the condition of the ac, the airbags, and check for pollution control. You must also change the rubber seals as these get worn out due to wear and tear.

Keeping the tank full

Do not let your car use the reserve oil. Always try to keep your petrol tank full and refill it before it reaches reserve again. You must also check that the car tires have enough air.

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