Friday, June 8, 2018

Meatier and Cheesier McSpaghetti You Will Love

When you ask my son what is his favorite fast food chain, he will say "McDonald's" without a blink of an eye. Actually, we always have struggles in choosing where to eat whenever we go out but he always ends up as a winner.

The good news is taste the meatier and cheesier McSpaghetti that your whole family will surely love!

From the Press Release Kit:

Spaghetti has always been a meal that brings back fond memories of our youth, with special occasions almost regularly being celebrated with a delicious plate of this staple pasta dish. Kids’ faces light up at the simple sight of it and we can’t blame them – who wouldn’t enjoy a fun treat like spaghetti?

At McDonald’s, their version of this well-loved dish is sure to bring big smiles to the whole family as the new and improved McSpaghetti is now made meatier and cheesier – just how kids and kids-at-heart like their spaghetti to be! Noodles that are cooked just right are covered with a sweet and savory blend of tomato sauce, mixed with ground beef and hotdog slices, topped off with more grated cheese! It is without a doubt kid-loved and mom-approved!

Enjoy more bonding moments with your family at McDonald’s while savouring a delectable McSpaghetti for only P59 with drink or you can also have the little one enjoy a Happy Meal for only P99. Go and make any day special with a hearty plate of McSpaghetti, just like the family featured in this adorable McDonald’s ad: 

Taste the new & improved McSpaghetti by visiting any McDonald’s stores nationwide or by ordering via today!

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