Monday, June 4, 2018

Happy Mother's Day 2018

Mother's day is one of special day that I love to celebrate with my family. Since Matthew was still with my in-laws that time, we went home to be with him.

On Mother's day, my two boys gave me this chocolates. Matthew also gave one to my mother-in-law.

As usual, a simple celebration with a family is enough for me. We woke early to start this special day. This is our special breakfast.

I cooked fried egg, Bounty chicken nuggets and skinless longaniza.

This is for our little boy who wanted a "chow fan" meal with toppings.

Then before we went to Church, our little boy requested to spend a few minutes in his little pool. He love his new pool so much (Read also: My Blessed 37th Year).

After hearing a mass, we went to the nearest mall to run some errands.

Because it's Mother day, we took photo here.

We had our simple lunch at his favorite fast food. Any guess? Haha.

Seeing this little boy so happy is more than enough gift for me.

Daddy bought me a cake too, by the way.

And when we were back at home, he's back on his pool too.

Oh, how I love spending time with my family. Being with them, makes my stress and worries away. So I make sure I give the best family care they deserve.

That's it. 

Do you also love simple celebration with your family?
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