Tuesday, May 14, 2019

My Dream Family Vehicle

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Before 2018 ended, we made a big decision of buying our own family vehicle. We just tried loaning it to a bank where we have a savings account. We just tried and if ever it will not be approved then it's  okay. I believe if it is meant to be, it will happen. If not, then it's God's will.

Then after 3 days, Daddy A got a call telling us that our car loan was approved. By the way, we already talked with an agent and we have a choice of vehicle already before applying. And yes after 3 days, it was approved.

We were at awe whether to continue or not because in a few days it will be Christmas. So we asked the bank if ever we complete the requirements and pay the down payment and other fees on that day, we can take home the vehicle the next day. They said it depends if the vehicle is already available and we if all the documents will be in before 5:00 PM that day.
It was a Friday and they have no office on weekends and they just called Daddy A at 2:00 PM. We really can't decide at first whether to continue loaning or not. Like what I have already said, we just tried it. Also. acquiring a vehicle will mean we will have to pay monthly amortization again for 5 years again. Though we have finished paying for our house, we still don't know what is install for us in the future. Because 5 years is still a long period of time. Plus the fact that we only have 3 hours to complete the requirements, and pay for the down payment and other fees like insurance, etc. 

So breathe in, breathe out. We think hardly that time and prayed for God's will and guidance that He may help us to make the best decision. Then I told Daddy to call the agent if the vehicle is already available and if we can take it home before Christmas. I said if we can, then we can continue our loan and go the bank as soon as possible to beat the 5:00 PM deadline.

The agent said yes if we can process our application and pay for the fees that day. Hearing that Daddy A asked me if we can file an under time since it's only 3:00 PM. So we did and the processing was a bliss. 

The bank personnel assigned to us was very helpful. It was an advantage that we first made an bank inquiry about the car loan. Also, it's a good thing that we have an existing savings account and we don't need to carry cash.

To cut the story shorter, yes we took home my dream family vehicle before Christmas. Our van, yes a van, is almost 5 months now. It undergone, 2 routine maintenance like oil change where it uses a car lift from Best Buy Auto Equipment like this.

car lift, Best Buy Auto Equipment

We are using our van when we have a long trip or when we are going to our province.  Although we are only 3 in the family, we find it very  convenient when travelling with a spacious 15-seater vehicle. The company car is  the one we still use daily to work.

It was always my dream to have a van especially during the time when my mother was still with us. I want her to have a very comfortable travel but she didn't got the chance to experience that. Anyway, I always believe in God's plan and for sure she is looking from  up there smiling.

So that's my dream family vehicle.  Have you purchased your dream car?
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