Monday, May 6, 2019

Our Valentine's Day 2019

I know it's been almost 3 months since Valentine's day and I actually still have so many back log in my draft folder. There so many things that had happened but things started to be okay again and praying it will get better.

Anyway, let me start sharing our Valentine's day 2019 and I hope I still remember everything that had happened, haha.

We had a pre-valentine date with our little boy at his most favorite fast food, McDonald's.

We can't win over this little boy talaga.

Before that, Matthew and I secretly bought something for Daddy. It's a watch that he's been frequently looking at every time we go to the mall. Yun lang ayaw nya pa-picture e, hehe.

On Valentine's day, here's our little boy at his school. They will be having a Valentine's day program so that the school was decorated with so many hearts.

When I got home, he gave me this flower pen with a letter.

He said, he will give me another flower the day but he needs money to but it, haha. True to his words, he gave me this. Such a very sweet boy.

Daddy bought me these naman, a Red Ribbon cake a new watch din. Gaya gaya sya e, haha.

2019, Valentine's Day, Valentine gift, Red Ribbon cake, UniSilver watch

Mas magaling lang sya kasi the watch he bought has a free watch pa so our liitle boy had a new watch too.

Since we can't go out that night, we just had a dinner at home. Here's what we prepared for that night. 

Yay, that's it. Simple celebration is always the happiest. Agree?

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