Monday, February 10, 2020

Our Christmas Eve 2019

I know it's Valentine's Day na in a few days. Tapos Christmas pa ipopost ko. But I'll post it anayway, haha!

We have celebrated Christmas at our hometown, in my in-laws' home. That's our yearly tradition, then we celebrated New Year in our home naman.

On Christmas eve, after hearing a mass, we went to my sister-in-law's home to have our Noche Buena.

2019 was a very painful year for me. Hindi lang halata. But everytime I see how happy my son is whenever we are together, those pain is definitely worth it.

There are so many things public won't see and should be kept within our selves and our family. Tama na yung puro joy lang i-share ko ha? I know you will understand.

Kaya naman, I'll share with your our happiness instead. Here's our little boy who was so happy receiving his Christmas gifts.

That smile is so priceless. Our gifts are not expensive but we make sure he will love it. He received his favorite book "Diary of a Wimpy Kid", fast charging cellphone connector and bey blade. 

I don't want to buy him bey blade kasi feeling ko delikado to play. But it's not naman pala unless you put metal accessories or disk. So ayun we just remind him to play with it safely.

You know, for our kids, price of gifts don't matter. They will appreciate whatever we give to them. So isang tip ko lang, know what are their favorite toys, books, clothes etc. You can ask them also what they want to receive. You can buy three things they like for example and it doesn't need to be expensive ha. Marami ng mura now but make sure it's safe and of good quality. Then wrap them all. For sure your kids will love opening a big bag full of gifts they love.

While waiting for the Noche Buena, Daddy had wine while we had sweets, haha.

Here's what we had for Noche Buena. Simple but so delicious if you eat with your family.

And here's us taking photo before we eat, haha. Please don't mind our little boy making faces, hehe.

So that's it. Sunod naman yun ibang kwento ha. Please stay tune!

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