Saturday, February 22, 2020

The CLSU Christmas Lights 2019

Have you read my Christmas Eve 2019 post? Sobrang late na I know but still these are all worth to share.

On Christmas day, we prepared food for lunch.

Aside from Daddy A's relatives, I am expecting my siblings to arrive din. We had lunch and long kwentuhan.

Before evening naman we decided to go to CLSU main gate to see its Christmas lights display. Since it's just a few steps away from Daddy A's house, we decided to just walk.

So here are the photos taken from CLSU main gate Christmas lights display.

This reminds me of my Singapore trip, 3 years ago na yata na hindi ko na naipost. Haha!

Who would have know I'll end up marrying my best friend?

And we will have this cuddly little boy.

Our little boy is unstoppable. He asked for more photos in front of CLSU Christmas Lights display.

CLSU,  Christmas Lights display

Like father, like son.

Let's come inside CLSU na.

This is the CLSU Leaders Tree. It is one the oldest trees in the university. It is once a towering Acacia tree that had provided a lofty shed for those who passed by CLSU main gate. However, because it gets older, it had started to wither and grow weak. To preserve its significance and prevent the harm it might cause as the tree started to wane that some of its branches give way when it rained, it was decided that the tree be turned into a CLSU’s Golden Anniversary Marker on which were etched the faces of the University Presidents since the university’s humble beginnings up to the present and commemorate their contributions to the development and growth of CLSU. (source: CLSU Leaders Tree)

CLSU, Christmas Lights display

This is the CLSU lagoon where you can feed fishes.

CLSU, Christmas Lights display

This is CLSU Centennial Monument in front of the Administration building.

CLSU, Christmas Lights display

I remember when we were still studying here, we will go in front of Admi (as we called it) and sit on the grass. While snacking on fishball, kwek-kwek, chips paired with Coke, kwentuhan lang kami hanggang sa dumilim na. Yun na yung sign na uwian na, hehe. Those simple life I missed, wala pa kasi cellphone noon kaya we can bond until maubusan na ng kwento.

Kakaaliw itong bahay kubo.

Nakita nyo yung pugad sa taas? Naalala ko tuloy si Tatay ko na may mga alagang native na manok na lagi naming kinukuhaan ng itlog pang umagahan. Simple life again that I missed so much.

Teka, may nagca-caroling pala.

At kasama pa si Bantay (the dog).

That's it pancit! Sabi syo it is worth sharing kahit medyo late na. Next naman is our New Year's Eve celebration ha. Balik kayo!

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