Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Coronavirus Changes

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The hardest part of living through the pandemic is wanting things to go back to normal and knowing, on some level, that they never can. Even if a vaccine were widely available tomorrow, there would be a part of us unable to forget that this happened once before and could happen again at any time. Not every potential pandemic has to be like Covid-19, but in order to ensure that it isn't you will have to make substantial changes across the board.


Perhaps one of the most obvious areas where life has changed because of the pandemic, and will likely continue to be different is entertainment and leisure. Movie theaters, large venues and even food vendors Pittsburgh PA and other cities especially have had to adapt as the pandemic loomed. What changes will need to be permanently implemented in order to keep people safe? It's difficult to say.


Close on the heels of entertainment, people's jobs and livelihoods were broadly affected by the pandemic, and likely will continue to be affected. Will work from home be the standard for most people from here on out? It's hard to say right now.


Education is already becoming a huge part of the national discussion about pandemic safety. As worries about potential superspreader events collide with concerns about equity and access collide, it's hard to say what system will emerge, but it's certain that things are going to change.

The good news is that many of these changes will have great positive benefits in the long run. Schools, work and restaurants will struggle in the short term, but these changes will make people safer and have the potential to make life better, more accessible and more equitable, provided that we handle these changes consciously and carefully. People will make mistakes, of course, but the whole point of mistakes is to learn from them. 
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