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Educating Special Needs Children in New Jersey

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A diagnosis of a learning disability can be devastating for both caregivers and children. It is important to gain as much knowledge as you can and to become an advocate for the child. This is especially true in the realm of education. While there are many programs in place with good intentions, not all of them can and will deliver the services that are needed.

Special Education in New Jersey

New Jersey has special education offices in place to ensure that the federal requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004 are fully implemented. Part of its job is to provide school districts with resources, technical assistance, and instructional materials. This aid applies across the spectrum of disabilities, from integrating a school for autistic children Edison NJ to increasing accessibility at a school for deaf children in Ewing NJ.

Learn about the resources that are available to you and your child. Your household can utilize the benefits of assistive technology, math interventions, reading and writing interventions, and a host of other tools. If you feel your child has been overlooked or has not received the services he or she needs, you can contact the Offices of Special Education.

Advocates in New Jersey

If finding your way through the special education maze is difficult or overwhelming, there are advocates who can step in and help. An advocate can help you understand your child's evaluation, locate the right services, and attend any Individualized Education Plan meetings with you. It is often a relief simply to have another adult in the room who can translate any technical jargon for you.

Before you hire an advocate, know what it is you need them to accomplish. Look for someone with strong ties to the school district. Most importantly, choose someone who relates to your child.

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