Saturday, September 5, 2020

Our 12th Anniversary


More than a month ago, we celebrated our 12th anniversary and our 17th year of being in love. 

In a few months, we will be four and this is one of the best gifts we received.

To celebrate, Daddy A availed the Shakey's Home Bonding Offer. It comes with a large thin-crust pizza, four pieces Chicken ‘N’ Mojos, a Skilletti or Carbonara platter, 1.5 liter of Coke and a SuperCard+ for only P999. Makakasave daw ng P1,052! ​

Shakey's Home Bonding Offer

Shakey's Home Bonding Offer

Shakey's Home Bonding Offer

Shakey's Home Bonding Offer

We celebrated one day earlier because our anniversary fell on Monday as requested by our not so little boy.

Daddy A also bought this Red Ribbon Black Forest cake but gusto ko sana yung Peach Mango Symphony cake nila kaso waley.

Red Ribbon Black Forest cake

My taste buds doesn't like chocolates that time pero okay na din. Happy pa din ang buntis!

Then, Daddy A surprised me with this gift set.

The next day, our anniversary day, Daddy A and I decided to order Pancit Malabon because I was craving for it. He also bought kwek-kwek, barbeque and isaw.

This is the new normal celebration now. Kami kami lang talaga. But despite this we are grateful because God keeps us safe and healthy. That's more than enough to celebrate and be thankful for.

To end this post, I would just like to thank my best half, Daddy A. Thank you for taking care of us, especially me and our baby. This pregnancy is not easy. I am worrying a lot because of the current pandemic situation. But you, our little boy and our coming baby keep me sane and strong. Thank you for loving us and for understanding my pregnancy woes. We love you always. Cheers to more years and to forever.

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