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5 Interesting Facts about Assisted Living

5 Interesting Facts about Assisted Living
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According to the National Center of Assisted Living [NCAL], more than 835,000 Americans reside in assisted living communities. This is a huge number, and you may wonder what makes these living communities such as assisted living in St Petersburg FL this popular. The fact that older adults residing there receive extra assistance without losing their independence is one thing that makes these communities appealing.

Check out these interesting facts about assisted living.

They are culturally diverse

Most assisted living communities provide their own unique philosophy and ability to accommodate seniors from different cultural backgrounds. They often offer several cultural, religious, and dining alternatives to meet the needs of everyone. Their activities are even niche-based!

Pets have a place there

Pet therapy has mind-blowing positive effects on pet lovers. If your senior loved one is a pet lover, they can live with their pets in the assisted living community. Most communities conduct pet interviews to determine if the pet is right for the community and even have pet coordinators to care for these pets.

They are not nursing homes

Some people confuse assisted living communities with nursing homes, but they are almost nothing alike. Assisted living residents are very independent and mobile requiring a more manageable living space. Seniors are not restricted to their rooms and move around as much as they want.

Lots of recreational activities involved

Just because someone is aged doesn't mean they should stop enjoying life. Socialization and involvements bring so much joy to everyone and assisted living communities can offer just that. There are plenty of recreational activities such as dances, shopping trips, socials, and regular visitation to local establishments. These activities help the dear ones maintain a social life and have something to look forward to.

They are cheaper than you think

Assisted living may be way cheaper than maintaining a home and hiring a full-time nurse. What's more, there are many ways to spend on assisted living, such as selling a life insurance policy.

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