Tuesday, December 15, 2020

How To Turn Watching Sports Games Into Fun Family Events

Doing things together, such as watching the biggest football or basketball game of the year, can be a great way of counteracting the winter blues. If you choose to host a Super Bowl or NBA Finals party in your house this year, it may feel overwhelming to try to create a picture-perfect moment. Putting together a great party can be stressful, but that’s why breaking it down into simple themes can make your event just as fun as the game.

Make Food Together

Whether part of a large party with friends or a small family gathering, food is more than just about eating. Have all your guests bring potluck items so you can all try new foods. You could decorate cupcakes with colored frosting for each team, create a football field or basketball court out of your vegetable tray, or use paper graphs and candy to vote for your favorite team.

Dress Up

Make your party a fun place to show off. Try setting up a photo booth against a wall. You could build a giant polaroid cutout and props to play with as you snap your selfies. If you’re feeling crafty, let the kids get messy by making edible face paint – just make sure you don’t put it on over the carpet.

Have Fun!

Some of your guests will be there for the game, but others will only care about the company. For those not watching the game, set up cornholes for the energetic and a puzzle for those looking for something a little quieter. Visit a baby store New York NY to get an extra playpen so your guests have a place to put their baby down for a nap so they can enjoy the gathering.

Watching sports games should be a time when you share fun and laughter. Celebrate with your favorite ways to cheer your team to victory.

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