Thursday, August 19, 2021

Few Tips in Taking Photos of Flowers

Nature has given us a lot of views and sceneries that are worthy for us to frame using our cameras. Wildlife, forest, plains, and flowers are just few things that a lens can catch.

Whenever I see subjects and have an opportunity to bring out my phone, I will definitely took a shot of it.

Flowers are mostly my subjects as an aspiring photographer. Flowers does not need to be captured while in nature, you can find pretty subjects in flower stand like the florist nyc - PlantShed or those made by new york florists.

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Of course, aside from the wonderful sceneries, capturing your subject needs some knowlwedge to make it more stunning.

Here are some tips that I can share when capturing flowers:

Water droplets gives a magical effects on the flowers. If reflects the color of the petal. If there is no rain, you can get a small spray bottle and mist the flowers to have small droplets in it.

Framing your subject in a way different from what you commonly see will definitely give a more interesting outcome.

Flower's best shot is during the first hour after sunrise or sunset. The colors of the petals are more vivid during this time of the day.

Instead of getting pictures of flower looking down, try to go on their level and have it framed.

What to do after taking flower photos?
I just put some quotations in it and share it in my social media accounts not only to showcase my frames but also to give inspirations.

Here are other samples:

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