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How to Relax When Living in a Big City

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City living is popular for countless reasons, from the endless excitement, the easy access to entertainment, and the number of people you get to meet in your daily life: yet it's also full of its stress.  Living in a city can make people feel like they're never truly alone, or like they don't have enough space to say or do whatever they want when they want to.

The prices are higher for less land, and the people are crabbier: how are you supposed to relax in the middle of all of this? So here are the top ways to unwind without having to move out to the boonies.

Create A Quiet Space For Yourself

Although when people think of quiet areas in a house, they think of time-out for kids: it has its great points for adults.  Create a space for yourself in your home that's away from any plugs for chargers, and make it as comfortable as possible.  Set up a bookshelf or crafting station, and let yourself get lost in activities that you can only do alone.  As long as you sit in this area, your phone is down, and you're spending time focusing on yourself as you deserve.

Get Some Exercise In

Living in a city is known to cause a build-up of aggression and anger.  Busses can run late; traffic is a nightmare, you might have to deal with jerks in every step of your day: get that energy out in a positive way.  Exercise can help your body release endorphins and will leave you feeling fresh and clear-headed.  This could be a jog through a local park before work every day or getting to walk around real estate in Toronto during your lunch break.  Getting a little exercise will boost your mood and allow you to fall asleep the moment you hit the sheets at the end of the day.  

Socialize With People That Matter

It’s nearly impossible to avoid socializing in a big city: but most socializing isn't good quality.  It's talking to your boss, joking with your roommate in passing, or talking to the cashier at your neighborhood bodega, but there's no real human connection there.  Instead, set aside time every week to have genuine relationships with people who matter to you.  This could be a friend you can joke around and laugh with or a group that you get together for brunches every week.  Have fun and socialize until you feel better.

Seek Out Quiet Areas In The City

There’s no truly quiet area in any city, but you can find a space that makes you feel that kind of peace.  Look around for public libraries, gyms that allow you to check out solo rooms, or restaurants that encourage solo diners.  Eventually, you'll find places that feel good to you when you want a solo date, and you can seek it out.  City life is incredible and fun. Don’t let yourself get sucked in by all of this noise and feel trapped: being patient, working out, and giving yourself alone time can help you recharge in no time.

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