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How to Style Your Child’s Room

How to Style Your Child’s Room

A child’s room isn’t just a place to sleep; for them, it’s a place to play, spend time alone, spend quality time with the family and have a safe place to enjoy. That’s why styling your child’s room in the right way is so important; it needs to be an enjoyable and practical space with many different uses.

Here are some top points to remember when styling your child’s bedroom.

Go for Items Which are Easy to Clean

Your child’s room will naturally get messy, especially if they’re using the space for creative activities like painting or drawing. The easier you can make it for cleaning up, the better. You may want hardwood flooring instead of carpet and bed linen and fabrics which are easy to wash and keep clean.

When choosing furniture items, think about those materials which are easy to wipe down, and you may also want to think about wipeable paint for the walls to avoid marks and stains.

Choose Your Child’s Favorite Color

Having a base color to work from for a theme will make it easier and more fun to design the space. Ask your child what color they would like for their bedroom. You could make this a huge feature of the walls and furnishings, or you could go for a simpler design with pops of color on certain items.

Add Some Magic and Sparkle

Your child’s room is going to be the perfect spot to play, explore, and create. Anything you can add to create a magical, out-of-this-world space for them will help them to play. This could be fairy lights or a light that can change color or show patterns on the ceiling; it could be décor, like artwork, or soft toys they can play with, like fantasy creatures or mystical creatures like unicorns from

Add visual magic and sparkle, too, like glittery cushions or anything to make the space more exciting and vibrant.

Give Them Room to Grow

To make sure your investment can go further, choose items that can adapt and grow with them. Multi-purpose furniture is great for this, as is a bed which can double as something else, like a bed with a ladder over a desk.

Thinking about how your child is going to use the space as they grow will help you to avoid having to replace everything in the room as they get older and costing you extra money.

Stock Up on Soft Furnishings

Layering the room with soft furnishings and adding texture helps to create an inviting and cozy space. Layering with rugs, cushions, pillows, teddies, and throws means your child can make use of these, no matter what they’re doing in the room. They will be comfortable in a chair with a blanket, in bed with teddies and a throw, or on the floor with floor cushions and soft rugs.

Storage is a Must

To avoid mess, damage, or even painful accidents, having storage for things like toys will make a difference in keeping the space tidy, so you’ll want to include lots of shelving options or extras like boxes that can slide under the bed.

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