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10 Ways to Have a Flatter Stomach


Coming from a C-Section 10 months ago, I am struggling to have a flatter stomach. You know, having a baby comes with having a bigger tummy. Even if the baby is out, the big stomach remains. I know a lot mommy out there can relate.

Losing those unwanted fats around the belly is a real battle not just for us mommies but for everyone too. Also, excess fat maybe a risk factor for several diseases and can make you feel bloated.

Fortunately, there are effective strategies to reduce your waist size. If you want to have a flat stomach, here are methods to help you  have a flatter stomach:

1. Cutdown refined carbs

Carbohydrates are source of energy for the body. However, not all carbs are equally healthful. Those carbs from white bread and white pasta are can be transformed to glucose and its excess can be stored as fat. Cutting down your carbohydrates intake is proven to help in weight loss. In low carbohydrates diet, high percentage of the fat lost comes from the belly area and the liver.

Reduce your waistline by replacing refined carbs with unprocessed, whole-grain varieties.

2. Increase protein intake

Protein is the most important nutrient when it comes to losing weight. It offers the body building blocks to repair and grow muscle. High-protein diets also reduce appetite by making you feel full and help  retain muscle mass during weight loss.

Note that the amount of protein intake depends on many factors, such as your age, gender and activity level. Basically, you will need  20–30% of your calories from protein on a daily basis. Achieve it by incorporating a protein source in every meal.

3. Eat more soluble fiber

Soluble fiber can help make a person feel fuller for longer by absorbing large quantities of water and slowing down the passing of food through the digestive tract. This can reduce the amount of food to eat during and between meals.

Soluble fiber can improve digestion that help reduce bloating and keep the stomach looking slim. Good sources of soluble fibers include oats, flaxseeds, avocados, legumes, Brussels sprouts and blackberries.

4. Do some cardio exercises

An excellent way to burn calories is doing cardio exercises. This can improve overall health. Doing cardio exercises, like running, brisk walking, biking and rowing, can effectively strengthen midsection and reducing your waistline.

Moreover, standing while performing certain movements, can help strengthen the core muscles and trim the stomach area. Wearing cheap shapewear while exercising or simply just doing household chores may also help to in flattening the stomach.

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5. Drink enough water 

Did you know that by drinking plenty of water, you can minimize water retention and bloating? These can make a person’s stomach look larger. Also, drinking a glass of water before a meal could also fill up the stomach and help with portion control during the meal.

You can drink plain water or infused water by adding citrus fruits, cucumber, or berries. Avoid high-calorie beverages.

6. Get enough sleep

Studies show that sleep deprivation affects the hormones that regulate a person’s appetite and can make them feel hungrier. So it is very important for weight loss to get a sufficient amount of good sleep.

7. Reduce Your Stress Levels

Stress is related to several health issues and these includes weight gain. This is because some people, when they are stressed, are prone to eat or binge eat. This effect is may be due to the release of stress hormone called cortisol, which can boost appetite and lead specifically to belly fat storage.

To relieve stress, try to add some stress-relieving activities to your daily routine, such as yoga or meditation, aerobics. Spend time with your loved ones or take a me time or vacation.

8. Try Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is an eating plan that switches between fasting and eating for a specific amounts of time. The most popular methods are a 24-hour fast two to four times per week or a 16:8 fast, where you eat all your food within an 8-hour period.

Intermittent fasting works by extending the period when the body burns calories from the last consumed meal. During fasting, fat tissue provides energy to the rest of the body by releasing fatty acid molecules.

9. Do High-Intensity Training

Do high-intensity training like sprinting, rowing or jumping, with short breaks in between. This way of exercising makes your body burn more fat and increases your metabolic rate, even long after you’ve finished your workout.

High-intensity training is shown to have higher effects on fat burning, compared to other types of exercises, especially in the waistline.

10. Track Your Food Intake

It can be helpful to track your food intake when you’re trying to lose weight. You can do calorie counting like keeping a food diary or download a fitness mobile app, or taking pictures of your food. Tracking your calorie intake will allow you to adjust weight loss diet when needed.

There are many strategies that can help have a flatter stomach. Aside from the tips mentioned, you can also try wearing wholesale waist trainers  to provide a waist slimming effect, although it is just temporary.

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Incorporate some the mentioned ways above into your daily routine and you may achieve your flatter stomach soon. Let me know what's best works for you.

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