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Tips For Every High School Choir Student

Tips For Every High School Choir Student
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Choir is one of the many elective courses that high schools offer for students to take. Some of the most memorable moments of your youth are likely to happen while making music with your friends. Often, students will enter high school choir without having any prior experience. If you are one of those students lacking in experience, you may want some advice before the school year starts.

Sing Out

Any good music director Minneapolis MN will tell you that they would rather hear a wrong note than not hear a note at all. When you sing, do so with confidence. Singing loudly will help your director to know not only what you need help with but also what area your strength is. 

Practice At Home

While one hour per day is a fairly substantial amount of time to learn music, you will likely need extra time at home to aid in memorization. Practicing outside of class provides you with the opportunity to immerse yourself into the music and practice your weak spots rather than having to adhere to your class's pace.

Make A Playlist

Sometimes it can be hard to find choral arrangements available on the internet. If you can find them, though, creating a playlist of your concert setlist can help you to learn the music faster, especially if you struggle to read sheet music. It is important not to rely on these tracks as they may not be an exact match to what your director is teaching you, but they can be a great guideline for learning notes and rhythms.

The most important thing to remember when taking elective classes is to have fun. This is a great opportunity to make friends and share in something you all love. Don't worry too much about your ability. If you are enjoying yourself, your talent will shine through. 

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