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Different Ways to Remove Unwanted Body Hair

Different Ways to Remove Unwanted Body Hair

Choosing to remove your body hair is entirely your choice. Make the right choice for your hair and body by knowing which options are available to you.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal works by using light absorbed by your hair, which then is converted into heat. During this process, the hair follicles in your skin are closed off to delay future hair growth. While laser hair removal Baltimore tends to last longer than shaving, it will not result in permanent hair loss. To achieve desired results, you will need to target the different stages in the hair growth cycle, which requires several treatments over the course of weeks or months.


If you are looking for instant results that can last for a few weeks, waxing might be your preferred method of removing body hair. Waxing can be done in the comfort of your own home or with a professional at a salon. To remove hair this way, hot wax is applied to the skin using a stick or wax strip. With one hand holding your skin, the other hand is used to quickly pull the wax off, removing any hair along with it. Ideally, the wax should pull the hair out by the roots to prevent it from growing back quickly.


You can always go back to the basics and remove unwanted hair by shaving. Set yourself up with a multi-blade reusable razor and light shaving cream that won’t clog the razor. It’s important to always shave after you’ve cleaned and exfoliated your skin. Be sure not to use any harsh chemicals as this can irritate your skin when you shave. Shaving right after you cleanse and exfoliate will minimize the risk of developing razor bumps or an infection. Make sure you moisturize afterward to help keep bacteria out and prevent ingrown hairs.

There is no right way or wrong way to remove your body hair. It all depends on your individual preference and what works best for you.

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