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Types of Private Schools Available for Your Child

Types of Private Schools Available for Your Child

Deciding on the education you want for your child can seem like a daunting task. You have the choice to send your child to public school, private school or homeschool. If a private school seems like the path for your family, here are the different types available for you to choose from.


One kind of private middle school Cambridge MA follows the Waldorf philosophy of education. There is a strong focus on child development and using creative methods to learn. A teacher may stay with the same class for five to eight years, which can help each child's long-term growth.


This type of school follows the Montessori philosophy of education, which focuses on self-directed learning and exploration. An environment is created that allows the child to learn based on their interests. The teachers help guide and support the children.


If you would like your child to go to a school associated with your religious preferences, you can look into this type of private school. There are many different styles of education available, which means a tour can be a fantastic idea to see if you like the environment.


A boarding school is a place where your child goes to school but also lives on campus. It can encourage responsibility and independence early on while allowing your child to build a strong sense of community with a variety of ages. Boarding schools can be co-ed or single-gender.

Language Immersion

A language immersion school can help your child develop fluency in a second language. A full immersion school will conduct instruction completely in the foreign language with English instruction beginning later. Partial immersion allows fifty percent of the instruction to be in English and the other fifty in the foreign language.

There are amazing educational opportunities available to your child in the private school arena. The choice depends on your family values and your child's strengths.

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