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How to Move Delicate Items to Prevent Damage

How to Move Delicate Items to Prevent Damage
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One of the most stressful parts about moving is packing and shipping fragile items like glassware, dinnerware, mirrors, musical instruments, artwork, electronics, and figurines. These are things that can easily break amidst the commotion of moving and hence the need for extra care. Here is how you can move delicate items.

Wrap Each Item individually

All fragile items from plates, glasses and decorative items need to be wrapped individually depending on their size, material, and shape. If any of these items have loose pieces like lids, they need to be wrapped separately. For delicate items like glassware, wrap them in bubble wrap and secure them with tape. Also, do not stack these items with others. Preferably, they should have their own boxes.

Use Strong Boxes

No matter how well you have wrapped your items, if you place them in flimsy boxes, you risk damage. Avoid thin and worn-out boxes that are likely to give in when holding too much weight. Look for firm cardboard boxes that will prevent any mishaps.

Label the Fragile Items

Label each box that contains fragile items and place them in a separate area. Labeling informs anyone that will be handling the boxes that they are dealing with fragile items, and so they should handle them with care.

Working With a Moving Company

You can also work with a moving company if you feel like you want the professionals to help you handle everything. Choose a moving company with experience as they have dealt with all kinds of items. If you have a musical instrument like a piano, consider a modern piano moving company to help you out. They will know how to disassemble the piano and wrap it, then safely ship it to your new home.

Packing and moving fragile items requires care. It is the one bit of moving that you will need to be patient. But as long as you wrap your items well and place them in sturdy boxes, they will be fine.

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