Monday, November 7, 2022

Our Home Improvement Plans

Our house was built in 2008, so it's 14 years old now. There are many parts of our house that needs to be repaired. Also, we are considering some home improvement and beautification too. The last time we did a home beautification was in 2017. 

So what are our home improvement plans?  Let me just share our plan.

Main gate replacement

Our main gate is made of ordinary metal and overtime it's already corroding. We had some repair on it before. We had replaced the corroded parts and have it repainted with anti-corrosion paint. However, since my father-in-law died and with our busy schedule, no one can do the regular maintenance on it that's why the corrosion progresses. 

Now we are considering to have our old gate replaced with a stainless steel gate like the one below, which can withstand the heat of the sun and the rain as well.

photo source

Kitchen improvement

It's always my dream to have a nicely design kitchen. But since our purchased house was designed based on the developer's design, we just tweak some of its part like taking the kitchen out of the main house occupying  some part of the garage area. Still it doesn't meet our desire kitchen design because at that time what is important is that we have a house.

For our kitchen, I want a white and wood theme kitchen just like what I always see on Tiktok.

photo source

I want the design above because it looks clean and neat even if the kitchen is just small like ours.

Living and dining room beautification

Our house is not that big so our living and dining room are basically in the same area. For this area, I also want a wood and white design.  We already purchased a Narra wood day bed sofa (similar to this one) and I am telling my husband to repaint the walls white. 

But if we do a major house renovation, I want a living and dining room that looks like the photo below.

photo source

The above simple design is just enough for a family of 4 like us. Although, in the future, I want a more spacious living room and a separate dining room. We are also considering buying another lot and have our dream house build according to what we really want. Let's see in the coming days what will be the real plan so we can have the estimate loan of the money we need.

Bedroom beautification

The last part of the house that I really like to improve is our bedroom. Recently, my husband painted it white and gray, and we also had purchased a new white bed. But it's still far to what I really like. In addition, the second level of our house, where our bedroom is, has an attic design making the rooms small. If we will have a major renovation, then we would like to push the roof a little higher to make the rooms look spacious.

The bedroom design I want is like the one below. 

photo source

Those are our home improvement plans that we will do, maybe next year after we finish paying for our van. In that way, if we need to make a home improvement loan, paying will not difficult for us. And just what I have mentioned already, we have another plan of  buying a new lot and build our dream house. Whichever will be, we will definitely share them with you.

To end this post, just a friendly tip for those who is planning to make a loan, you can check payment estimator for monthly amortization so your loan will not exceed what you can pay for. Also, it would be better if you first check the loan interest rates before making any loan, especially from a bank. You can also check which bank has the best rate to have a lower loan interest.

If you have other tips, please comment below. We will gladly read those.

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