Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Our DIY Home Improvement

Actually our home improvement started last quarter of 2016. (Read: Groupon Helps Us Save With Our Home Beautification.

It was a do it yourself (DIY) home improvement led by Daddy A. He started with repainting the walls at our kitchen.

Then to the dining area.

And living room.

He also repainted our stairs.

He also make a little interior design for our living room. He painted this ply board for our wall rack.

By the way, this is Daddy A's little assistant.

The father and son have fun painting this ply board.

Then Daddy A mount this ply board rack like this. It serves as our TV wall rack and accent too for our lighter wall. Beautiful right, but I tell you we had a hard time drilling ply board wall rack to the wall. Being me as Daddy A's only assistant, haha!

It was just a minor home improvement though I really love the results, which I will share in my next post. Our plan is to have a major home renovation 2-3 years from now. With that major home renovation plan, we need to find a home to lease like those at www.invitationhomes.com while our house is under renovation. 

Our house also need a home maintenance especially for electrical wiring and  water pipes. Regular spring cleaning must also be done. 

Our DIY home improvement was our choice, basically to save money. Daddy A did the repainting every weekend and every night after work. Yes, he's that determined to do it not just to save but because he wanted his design be followed accordingly. I'll share our home improvement after photos in my next post so please remember to get back.

Are you planning to have a DIY home improvement or maintenance?

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