Friday, November 18, 2022

Quote of the Day: To the Momma who is tired...

Hello Mommas!

I know you are tired but guess what?!? Weekend is here! Yey!

Congratulations to us because we get through another week. And in case you are really feeling tired of cleaning all the mess, taking care of the kids and all other house chores in between, here's a reminder that one day your kids will be all grown up.

To the Momma who is tired

To the mama who is tired…
Enjoy every moment because one day
they will be grown up.
– Pieces of Emerald

So just enjoy this moment when they are still clingy and dependent on you. I know you are tired but soon they will be independent and will live on their own.

Have a great day ahead Mommas! Enjoy the coming weekend.

Hugs hugs...

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