Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A letter to TATAY

Dear Tay,

Today, it has been 6 years... 6 years without you.

I will never understand why we have to lose you in such an early time. You could have seen my little son and I know for sure you will be proud of him, just like how proud you are of me. Many are saying you look like him, he got your chinito eyes.

Yeah, you may not be the best provider, father or husband in the world, but you are my one and only father. No one will ever replace you in our lives.

Please always look after my little son. He may not see you as he grow, but for sure he will always feel your presence in our lives. Guide us still, Nay, my brothers and sisters, and all of us who are still on earth. 

During these 6 years without you, there are ups and downs. I am still fighting because of you. Promise I will take good care of Nanay. She will never grow old alone, for i am here. Please whisper to God our messages, wishes and hopes. And in case we lose directions, help us find our way home.

I know yesterday you are with us. Please help us be safe. Can you be in my dreams tonight?

Missed you a lot...


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