Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Precious Little ONE

A year ago, we welcome Matthew Andrei

A baby of our own.

Nervously and sleepily,

We took him to our home.

We figured out the nursing.

This goes how?

 and where?

We were told there would be crying...

And how to show we care.

His first month.

His second month.

His third month.

His fourth month. 

His fifth month.

His sixth month.

His seventh month.

His eighth month.

His ninth month.

His tenth month.

 His eleventh month.

A year has gone so quickly...


Yet we have learned so much.
We've felt a love so strongly
in a baby's gentle touch


His laughs and smiles.
His pouts and tears.

Oh! He can get so mad!

But we wouldn't trade a minute...

As a thankful Mom and Dad! 

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