Saturday, October 8, 2011


I have been a working mom for a year now. It is not easy doing two jobs at the same time. But I am actually doing it!
This is my typical schedule as a Working Mom:
4:50AM – Prepare for bath, dress up for work
5:20AM – Cook breakfast, prepares meals for my 15-month old toddler
5:50AM – Eat breakfast with my husband and my toddler (he is an early bird as well)
6:20AM -  Time to go to work (bye bye time! My little son’s face is always sad whenever we leave him.)
7AM-5PM – Work time
5PM – Going home (yey!)
5:45PM – Home (hugs and kisses from my little son)
6:00PM – Dinner cooking time (thanks to my husband, he is a good cook!)
7:00PM – Dinner time! (this usually takes more time now. My little son’s attention is everywhere iand chasing it is very hard. Sometimes I had lost my appetite before I can eatL)
8:00PM – Wash time (change costume for my son. His yaya sometimes have to chase him to change his diaper and put his pyjamas on)
8:30PM – Sleeping time. But my little is unstoppable! He will explore everything inside our bedroom as if it is his first encounter. He will open all the cabinets, stand and wave in front of the mirror, talk to barney and pooh, disarrange his ABC flash cards looking for the O – orange card, disassemble his blocks, throw his bolster pillows, and inspec my cellphones! After these struggles, when he felt the tireness and sleepiness, which is sometimes he is resisting, he will lay in my arms, hug me and ask me to sing his favourite lullaby.
9:00PM – Mom’s rest. It is like finding silence after a day of battle!
Worst days are when your child is sick. You cannot do anything and could not concentrate in your work because you are thinking about your child’s condition and calling almost every hour to check on him.
Moms do not have day off and have to work on Sundays and Holidays as well. Instead of taking a rest from work, she will clean the house, do the laundry and be a yaya to her child.
I am being paid by being a Chemist. I am not paid by being a Mom. Which is more difficult? I must admit, being a mom is more difficult. You have to be on duty 24 hours, you have no rest day and have to work 7 days a week!
But this is the most rewarding work on earth and serving your family is the noblest job anyone can have.
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  2. I can totally relate...I'm a working mom too....cheers and more power to us :) Bloghopping

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