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All About Cloth Diaper

As a practical mom, I always find ways to save money but not compromising the health of my son. My frequent visits at different parenting sites and forums lead to my discovery of different types of cloth diapers. I am familiar with the old fashioned cloth diaper, lampin or flat diaper, which our grandparents have used before. But I never knew that there are other types of cloth diaper now.

There are several types of modern cloth diapers to choose from that will best suits your baby.

Flat diaper is the oldest style of cloth diaper, which has a basic design but very practical. These are single large layer of square or rectangular cloth that you can fold to fit your baby and needs to be pinned to stay on the baby. 

Prefolds, on the other hand, are made up of layered cloth sewn together to create a thicker layer. Prefolds also need to be fastened with pins or Snappi. 

Flat/prefold diapers are the most inexpensive cloth diaper and because it can be fold to fit, these cannot be easily outgrown as compared to some other fitted cloth diaper model. However, especially for restless baby, it is prone to clustering.
photos courtesy of The Diaper Jungle

Fitted diaper looks like a disposable diaper and is made of a few layers of absorbent cloth like organic cotton or hemp, plain or print. This come in different sizes with contours for legs and elastic gatherings for baby's body snug fit, and can have Velcro or snap fasteners. Like flats/prefolds, this needs a cover to be waterproof.

Fitted diapers are more expensive than flats/prefolds but are much easier to use.
photos courtesy of Pinoy Baby
photos courtesy of The Diaper Jungle
One online seller I know is selling Baby Cino Reusable Cloth Diaper and she also sells plastic panty/diaper cover to prevent leaks. Baby Cino Diaper is a flat diaper or lampin that is stitched and sewn like a diaper and with Velcro tape for easy snapping. (photos courtesy of Baby's little nook)

Plastic Diaper Cover

Next is one of the most user friendly cloth diapers and is mostly use at home, the Pocket Diaper. Pocket diaper looks similar and as slim as disposable diaper. It consists of a waterproof outer layer and a water-wicking inner layer sewn together to create a pocket to which an insert goes. The inner layer is typically made of suede cloth or microfleece to draw the moisture away from the baby’s skin to prevent diaper rash. Insert, on the other hand, is made up from absorbent cloth like microfiber.

Pocket diaper is a great introduction into cloth. Its even expensive but definitely worth the price.
photos courtesy of The Diaper Jungle
photos courtesy of Pinoy Baby
photos courtesy of Pinoy Baby

And the ultimate one piece diaper is the All in One Diaper (AIO). AIO is like the pocket diaper with a waterproof cover, the inner lining and the absorbent layer (insert), except that all the parts are sewn together in one diaper unit. It also has the snaps and/or Velcro closures.

AIO is the most convenient diaper since it is all in one item, but it takes longer to dry since they are thicker than other types of cloth diapers.
photos courtesy of Go Go Natural

Now there is also All in Two (AI2) diaper, the two piece version of. The only difference between the two is that the soakers in AI2 is either snap or lay in, while that of AI0 is sewn to the diaper. You can remove the soaker just like in pocket diaper that is why AI2 dry faster than AIO.

If you think diapers are leaving behind the technology, well you are wrong because manufacturers are always introducing something new like Hybrid diaper, Swim diaper and Training diaper.

Hybrid diaper is made up of a waterproof cover and a biodegradable insert made from wood pulp fibers and sodium polyacrylate. Some inserts are flushable and are not like the traditional disposable diapers. Manufacturers come up with this idea for a more natural type of disposable that is better for the environment and your baby.

Swim diaper, on the other hand, is made up of a waterproof outer layer (either polyester or nylon) and a soft inner layer (either soft mesh or absorbent terry). This is made not for absorbency but to contain mess that is why one of its most essential qualities is strong elasticity to hold everything in place.

For toddlers at potty training stage, training diapers or trainers are for them. It is made up of either cotton or polyester outer layer, and a soft absorbent inner layer. Trainers are like underwears but with PUL or polyester to keep accidents in. They come in many cute designs and prints to make your toddlers excited to wear them just like a big kid.

photos courtesy of The Cloth Diaper Connection

They are many types and brand of cloth diapers to choose from depending on what you prefer and your budget. I’m proud to say that my 19-month old son is using cloth diaper for almost 4 months now. I’ll post about it soon.

It is never too late to shift to cloth diaper and go natural! You can save money and most importantly you can help save the world. 

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