Thursday, February 2, 2012

Choose Natural, Choose Ascof Lagundi

Hi Natural Mommies! Once again, I'm proud to write about being a Natural Mom. 

I have been an avid user of natural medicines. I used concoction of guava leaves and garlic cloves to cure yeast infection, oregano leaves for colds, serpentina for infection and many other herbal medicines. They are effective and very natural. We used them as first aid medicine at home. Why not? My husband plant them in empty cans at home. No pesticide residues, no side effects and even saves us money.

Along with colds, cough is also a common sickness anyone can easily have nowadays. One of the famous herbal plant being used in Philippines against cough is Lagundi. Its efficacy to ease respiratory complaints has been verified already by Department of Health. Lagundi is clinically proven in treating cough, asthma symptoms and other respiratory problems like chronic bronchitis and pharyngitis. It is also known to have an analgesic effect that helps lessen pain and discomfort. Studies also showed that Lagundi contains chrysoplenol D, a smooth muscle relaxant with anti histamine properties. In addition, it has been clinically verified to inhibit the the release of leukotrienes making it effective to control asthma.

I'm trying to find this plant so we could plant it at home but I can't find one. Good thing it is readily available in the market with a much affordable price as compared to leading brands of synthetic cough medicines. Ascof Lagundi is made from All-natural Lagundi leaves. It is commercially available in Ponkan, Menthol and Strawberry-flavored 60-ml and 120-ml syrup variants, and also comes in 300-mg and Forte 600-mg tablets.

Ponkan and Methol-Flavored 120 ml syrup

The bottles are well-sealed and it comes with measuring cups too.

This is the first time I have seen a medicine bottle sealed this way.

Ascof Forte Methol-flavored Syrup SUGAR FREE (600mg/ml) for adults and older kids (13 years old up) 

Ascof Ponkan-Flavored syrup (300 mg/5 ml) for younger kids (2-12 years old)
Ascof Lagundi's effectiveness has been proven that is why more doctors are already prescribing this not only for cough but also to aid in the treatment of asthma. 

So mommies it's never too late to go natural. Begin it now by using Ascof Lagundi Syrup and Tablets. 

Choose naturals, choose Ascof Lagundi!
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