Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Cloth Diaper Experience

As promised, I am going to write about my own cloth diaper experience. You can check back All About Cloth Diaper I have posted a week ago.

My son is over 13.0 kilos by now and is growing so fast. I have bought cloth diaper last year form an online seller. Unfortunately, it is not a good buy. Yes it is cheap and it comes with 4 inserts, but gosh it’s leaking all over and you need to change it frequently because the inserts are smaller and not that absorbent. Plus the fact that I need to add garter to each side to make a snug fit and after just 3 months it won’t fit my son’s but to think its XL size already. (I opt not to post the pictures but I have actually have here.)

So, I surf the net for another brand of cloth diaper. Some are really pricey but the reviews are really good. But thinking my son is already 19 months that time and I barely have 1 year to go for him to completely potty trained, then I look for much cheaper brand but with a good feedback also.

I found one at and its name is Alva Cloth Diaper. I am familiar with this since I have an online seller friend in FB who sells this brand. So I inquire with the price and transact with the seller.

1 layer absorbent Polyester soaker

Easy to use. Soft and breathable.
Machine washable and dryable.
white Alva Cloth Diaper
blue-violet  Alva Cloth Diaper
off-white Alva Cloth Diaper

I actually bought four cloth diapers (2 pcs. blue-violet, 1 pc. off-white and 1 pc. white), each comes with one insert. I immediately tried it with my son of course, and it overwhelms me because it works like a disposable diaper except that you can reuse it all over as long as it is not yet dirty and just replace the insert. 
it is cute just like disposable diaper 
it has snug fit to avoid leaks
my son is really comfortable wearing it even without pants
because it is cloth, it is breathable and comfy

The inserts are much wider and are very absorbent. In fact, it takes longer to dry so you really need to buy additional or you can make your own out of microfiber towel. By the way, the inserts can be changed every two hours depending on your baby’s amount of urine.
Microfibre insert (80% polyester+20% nylon)
the insert we have made from microfiber towel
My husband and I have sewn additional 6 pieces of 3-layer inserts from a microfiber towel he have won from a raffle. It works well like the original inserts.

I also bought 2 sets of Disney training pants (3 per set, so I have 6 of them). The training pants can be used to avoid accidents during the potty training stage. It does not prevent leaks totally because it’s not that padded. I let my son wear it during morning before taking a bath for his skin to freely breathe. He likes it much because of the Mickey Mouse design.
Disney Training Pants

Now, we have a lot of savings from this cloth diaper. My son will only use disposable pull-ups at night or when we are out for the convenience of not changing often.

I'm also planning to re-sell cloth diaper, what do you think? Why not?  I am using it and I want other Filipina moms out there to use them not for the money that I can earn, but for the health of their babies (rash free) and for our mother earth also.

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