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How To Start a Blog

A question that a new blogger often has is “how to start a blog”. “Blog” comes from the word web-log, which is a web-based journal and everyone’s home on the World Wide Web in which you can publish your thoughts and opinions. Most blogs are being used for advertising, online diaries, soap boxes, journalistic ventures or internet scrapbooks. Anyone can start a blog and you can have one for free. But remember if your intention is to make money through blogging, you need to buy your own domain because free blog can be deleted anytime and that blogging services incorporated their host name in the URL address (i.e.

I have here 5 easy steps on how to start a blog using

How To Start a Blog

Step 1. Identify your Niche and Name your Blog
Define the theme or subject area of your blog before creating one. Take into consideration your audience and what is your main interest like a hobby or your work. You may want it to be your personal journal or diary. After determining your subject, decide for your blog’s name. You can name your blog after your theme or subject or your own name. There is actually no limit on what your blog’s name or URL address can be. Just make it simple and easy to spell, memorable, and free of hyphens.

Step 2. Create your blog.
Ø  Go to
Ø  If you already have a Google Account, sign in to Blogger using your email address and password. If you do not have a Google Account, click the “Create Your Blog Now” button to get started.
Ø  You will then be directed to a screen that requests you to create an account. You will be required to enter your pre-existing email address, choose a password, choose the name that will be displayed when you publish a blog post and then accept the Blogger’s terms of use.
Ø  You will next be asked to name your blog and pick your blog’s URL address.
Ø  Then you will be directed to a screen that lets you choose a template design for your blog. Blogger has pre-made templates and push buttons that do not require technical expertise. You can select one template and have it personalized by choosing your own color scheme and layout. You may also add free blogging gadgets like buttons, images, videos, message board, etc.
Ø  After choosing your own template, you may start posting.

Step 3. Make your Blog Private or Public?
Decide whether you want any internet visitor to view your bog or just your friends and family. Blogger can help you to make your blog discreet by making only those who you approve of can view what you have posted.

Step 4. Write a Post
To test your blog and to make necessary adjustments on its layout, write few posts. Remember that you can change your template and adjust it to your desire. Maybe at first you may find it hard to figure out what to write about, but when you get into a routine of daily blogging, you will get addicted to it and ideas just keep on coming. You may write about your daily life, your work, your opinion, events, the news, and anything under the sun that interests you.

Step 5. Visit other blogs and forums
Aside from writing posts, you need to visit other blogs to build a blogging circle. Leave a comment in the posts you are interested with and add your URL address so they can visit you back. This will only work when you make your blog public.

How to start a blog is just easy. But you need to make your posts interesting to gain more readers and also make it a daily routine blogging. You may also personalize and customize your blog template and make your own header. Always check your spelling and grammar. You may not be a very good writer, but always write from your heart and be yourself always.
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