Monday, April 16, 2012

I love Sundays: Child Labor

I so love Sundays, since it is only our rest day we make the most out of it. Our usual Sunday starts from eating breakfast, cleaning the house (particularly our bedroom) although there is really nothing to clean, having a Mass the head over to mall or to where our feet will take us.

This will be my first post for I LOVE SUNDAYS.

Yesterday is a busy Sunday for us since we are at the road for almost the day and it was freaking hot. This is because my mother and my sister will go home to Nueva Ecija, Allan decided to drive them to Gapan Nueva since it is difficult to travel with a baby plus my mother would not want to ride an aircon bus (nahihilo daw sya, hehe).  Also, my mother in law will be coming with Matther’s new yaya so timing lang na doon na lang mag-meet up.
After that long maghapon na travel nakauwi din sa bahay. I told Allan to clean his car kasi gusgusin na. Sabi nya mayamaya daw at baka mapasma ang car. Hehe.

Matthew wants to go outside naman since super init sa loob ng bahay to think na passed 5:00 pm na ha. Sakto naman maglilinis na din daw ng car nya si Allan and guess who kung sino ang tumulong sa kanya....

He is unstoppable!
Parang totoong marunong magcar wash.
He loves playing with water that is why he is making pakialam.
Daddy: Ganito ang pagpupunas.
Matt: Punas? (parrot lang ang drama)
Sawsaw ulit sa timba.

Matthew loves imitating his daddy so you cannot really stop him especially if he is enjoying what he is doing. Here is the video:

So that was my Sunday this week. I do hope that you have enjoyed your weekend too. Wish ko lang Sunday na ulit.
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