Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Son Loves Willie Revillame

Willie Revillame is well-loved by many Filipinos. He is not a guy next-door type but he got this charisma to masa. I find him mayabang at first but whenever I watch his show “Wil Time Bigtime”, I can’t help but admire him by being so nice with people especially the old ones and special children. I also like the fact that he knew when a contestant is just acting to make paawa effect.

He is loved by people of all ages. Yes, all ages! Those lolas and lolos who bear the travel and waiting time just to with him prove that money is not just his charisma to them. Children love him too. Believe it or not, my 22-month old son loves him. He is the only person who can make him brush his teeth, lol!

Getting Ready. He actually like the Kendeng kendeng dance but it was replaced already and he is learning the  new one.

Need to say more?
My son loves his "Syempre Ikaw Lang" song and here's a proof:

His Daddy downloaded the mp3 so he could always listen to it.

Watching Wil Time Bigtime is really part of his every night and he always wait for the Syempre portion.

Look what his reaction when I switched channel.

As a parent, always teach and remind your children that not all they are watching is good for them. Be sure to guide them when watching and when you think they should not watch the show then turn off the TV and let them do a more recreational activity like reading or drawing. I am a working mom and my son grew up with a yaya everyday. As much as I want him to not watch TV, I can’t because you can always remind the yaya of that but God only knows when she is actually following me. The only video he is allowed to watch is the learning videos I downloaded from You Tube and he is self learning from it. 

Does your child also loves watching TV? Does it bother you?
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