Friday, April 27, 2012

Matthew Can Actually Do it!

Just want to share what my 22-month old son can actually do.

I am just proud that even we don’t teach my son that much he is actually learning on his own. He can recite/sing the ABC, he can count from 1 to 10, and he knows the fruits, animals and the primary colors. He even knows the animal sounds, his mom and dad’s names, and his own name. He’s a little bit makulit when I am asking him kasi he will say what he feels to say.

He actually knows everyone in the neighborhood and mas kilala pa nga sya kesa sa aming mag-asawa. Time flies so fast talaga and soon he will be in school.

He is a certified mommy’s boy and he is super attached with me. I really don’t know why but since his accident ganyan na sya. Basta paguwe namin from work, mommy na agad. Yes nakakapagod and I really feel exhausted but I am enjoying it right now. Because I know one day he will not need mommy anymore and that will surely break my heart.

Does your child too grows so fast?

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