Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Matthew Andrei at 22 months

How time flies. Twenty two months ago, I was just holding a tiny being in my hands. I never knew how to hold a baby until he came into my life. I never knew about long patience until he came in my life. I never knew that I can love someone more than this until he came in my life (Daddy Allan I love you this much too! Mwah!). This little man had amazingly taught us so many things in life. He actually makes us (Mom and Dad) better individuals.

Yesterday, he turned 22 months and here are the 22 things about Matthew Andrei:

1.     Matthew means “gift of God” and Andrei means “man or warrior”.

2.     We want him to have an initial or AM or MA from our name Maye and Allan.

3.     He was born on June 16, 2010 at 10:58 p.m. through C-Section.

4.     He weighs 2.95 kilos at birth but triple it after a month.

5.     He starts to interact with people at 2 months.

6.      He fell on the floor when he was just 3 months. Super guilty si Mommy because I thought he cannot move pa but to my surprise he can quickly turn around on his tummy na pala. Buti wood un floor at hindi mataas and bed.

7.      His first food is mashed banana (seňorita) and milk.

8.      His first word is “adi” for Daddy.

9.      He never had pilay since birth.

10.    His tummy is weak when the weather is hot.

11.   He is having a tea bath everyday since he was 15 months. Madali kasi sya magrashes especially during hot weather.

12.     First beach experience was in Morong Bataan. Di sya nag-enjoy kasi takot sya sa alon.

13.     He loves Mickey Mouse.

14.     He loves  his red McQueen car shoes given by Totoy (our neighbor).

15.     He had a burn accident last March 19, his Daddy’s birthday. Details are here.

16.     At 22 months, he knows ABC, can count from 1 to 10, knows the shapes, animals and fruits.

17.     He talks a lot, and he is not bulol. He can already say 3-4 words in a sentence.

18.     He loves eating masabaw na ulam, vegetable, fish and fruits but he hates meat.

19.     He love yakult and dutchmill and hates chocolate drinks.

20.     He is into cloth diaper for 5 months now.

21.    He loves Will Time Bigtime and dances Kendeng kendeng. Eto pa, only Willie Revillame can make  him brush his teeth. Sasabihin ko lang na magagalit si Willie pag di sya nagbrush aba bubukas na ang mouth nya.

22.    At 22 months, he weighs 29.7 lbs and measures 34 inches.

So those are 22 things about my little man.

Happy 22nd month Matthew Andrei! Mommy and Daddy love you so so much.

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