Saturday, August 9, 2014

GET CLOSER! That's it!

Do you yell a lot at home? Well, sometimes I do especially if Matt is unstoppable and won't listen. It happens also when I am so stressed and exhausted. Who would want to yell all the time by the way? It's energy consuming and it's shameful that your neighbors is hearing your loud voice all the time. I really don't mind what others say or think about us but I have a growing son. It's not okay that he's getting used to loud voice, yelling, nagging and the likes.

Generally, I have a loving, caring boy. Sure he listens to us but like what I have said, there are times he's so stubborn and unstoppable. I think he's practicing his independence so I must understand that. Since I am just human who's temper is unmanageable sometimes, I cannot stop myself from yelling and nagging. Everything and everyone gets affected whenever my emotion is out of control. Peacefulness at home is temporarily gone during those times, until I manage to compose myself.

Like what I have said, my son is growing. Yelling is not a good example. Apart from that, he can understand most of the words and he knows what mad or angry is. As mush as I could, I try to hold my temper. I usually count before I warn him. I will warn him several times until finally, I explode. That's the time he will stop. It's lucky if he will really stop because sometimes, he will just wait until I cool down and he will continue with his business again. See after I consume my energy yelling, it doesn't make any good. 

So what can I do other than yelling? When I read this 1 Simple Tip to Stop Yelling, I remember one thing I have done already other than yelling. Get closer! How can I ever forget it? I have done this already and it works. Because I am busy with many things, I failed to communicate with and get closer to my son. That maybe the reasons why Matt is acting that way. He needs attention.

I just need to get closer to him. When I am closer to him, I don't need to yell right? I can also see what is up to. I can tell him what he shouldn't be doing. I can listen closely to his needs. That's it! Aside from getting closer, it helps that instead of uttering unkind words, I tell him how much I love him and how good he is. He will suddenly turn into a tamed sheep. Hehe...

Now, why do I need to waste my energy and disturb the peacefulness at home? When all I need is to GET CLOSER.

I hope this helps and I also want to hear tips from you on how to stop yelling. Sharing is love right?

Enjoy your weekend!
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