Friday, August 8, 2014

Photostory: Matthew and Nanay + Mommy Heartache

Last Sunday, we went to Church with Nanay. Look at Matthew and Nanay here.

Matt is simply adorable here, while Nanay looked like she had gain some weight already. Thank God she has less tremors now, although she experience memory loss once in awhile it's still manageable. We talk to her more often and I always tell Matt to entertain Nanay especially when I am not around. The little boy always happily obliged, and he dance with the "Boom Panes" song, haha.

By the way, have you noticed that Matt was holding a shopping bag. Oh he did some shopping there. Since he saw that the booth where we bought his car last week was open, he never stop bugging us until we go inside again.

Then while we were waiting for Daddy, Matt told me "Mommy happy na po ako." Then, he added pa, "Di na ako mainggit sa little boy no? Kasi ang dami ko na cars." I just smiled and kissed him, I was so speechless e. He saw kasi a boy at the Church playing with little cars. I can see he was so inggit that he never took his eyes off on boy. His Daddy didn't allow him to brought his car e. Daddy said, we will go to Church and its a place of worship. He shouldn't be bringing any toys and play there. 

My heart was aching a little seeing that inggit in Matt's eyes. I told him na lang that he can play with all his cars when we reached home. But still that didn't stop him from looking at the boy. That's why when I heard him say he's happy na, I couldn't say any word. I am happier that he is actually. And I just hope he understands what Daddy and I are teaching him.

Hay mommy guilt always give me heartaches, hehe. Sure we can provide everything he wants, but then I always tell him that he cannot always get all he wants. I want him to understand that we are not depriving him when he can't easily get something. It's hard sometimes seeing his sad face but that's a painful way (especially for me) to teach him the importance of waiting and working for things he want.

Do you have mommy heartaches too? Please share what do you to at least lessen the pain :)

Have a blessed weekend!
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