Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Matthew's School Update + Some Study Tips

Hello everyone! I have mentioned in my our anniversary post,  that Matt already had his quizzes and examinations. As promised, I will proudly share with you the results.

His quizzes where he got 3 big stars. Big star means very good or perfect.

In the Mastery Examination, he got 98, 97, 97, and 96. 98 is the perfect score.

Of course, we can't be any prouder seeing these results. Even if he had mistakes, that is completely understandable. Also, he's always nagmamadali when answering seat works and even these examinations. That's why I know he will have mistakes but I am happy since they're just few.

For almost two months of schooling, Matt is learning a lot and he's getting used to schooling too. Let me share what we are doing so Matthew can adjust well to school.

Make studying a routine. Talking about routine again. Do you remember when we talk about having routine for our toddlers? It's the same process too. Just insert and include studying in their daily routine. The first days or nights will be the hardest but once they get used to it, I am so sure they will remind you pa that it's study time already. Just like what Matt tells me when I am still busy crocheting, "Mommy review na po tayo."

Do advance lessons. We just don't study at night because we also do advance lessons. This give Matt more confidence the next day for he already knows what is the topic the next day. Yun lang there are times he will tell me, "Mommy paulit-ulit naman." But what can I do, its in their books. Hehe.

Don't push them too much. When Matt said, "Mommy pagod na po ako," I need to stop and after a while, I will ask him again if he wants to continue with the lessons. If he will agree then we will proceed, if not then we will stop. Learning should not be forceful because our child must have their free will to learn.

Always listen and communicate. Encourage them to talk and tell story, then show them you listen very well so they will be more confident. Communication on the other hand is important in building trust and respect between us and our children. This way they will be more open in expressing their feelings and telling us what they have done, be it good or bad. 

Give full attention and time. Most moms do multitasking and I am no different. I try to maximize my time so when its study time for Matt, while he's busy with one activity, I do business on the side too. Then I realized, that will just makes our study time slower and I am just showing him I am not concentrating on what we are doing.

Don't force them to always get a perfect score. Even though I will love to see his scores all perfect, I will never force him to get perfect scores all the time. I will just tell him why he does not get a perfect score, then we will go through the activity again. I have observed that Matt commit mistake because he is not listening well or when his going through the activity fast. So I just remind him that listen carefully and take his time to look at his activity. 

Rewards. This has been useful to us ever since. Giving simple rewards makes Matt happy and more eager to study and learn.

So that's what we are doing so Matt can get used to schooling and encourage him to study and learn. We allow him to enjoy and have fun at school so he'll look forward going to school everyday. Also, I almost forgot to mention preparing a yummy healthy baon is a big help too.

If you have other tips, please don't hesitate to comment. Let's share okay?

Happy Tuesday!
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