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Olive Oil as a Natural Remedy for Earaches

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Recently our son was complaining of earache. Before that, we saw an earwax build up inside his right ear. Then Daddy put some drops of baby oil to soften the wax. Few days after that, I frequently saw our son picking his ear. 

Of course, I was alarmed. He looks fine though and there's no lumps around his ear but he doesn't want his ear to be touched. When I got a chance to inspect his ear, I saw something white that's building inside that ear. Also, his body temperature was increasing so I give him a dose of ibuprofen. The temperature subsided but the pain doesn't go away. 

I made a quick research about earache, its causes and what are the natural remedies. Surely, earache can be painful, and the pain maybe constant, or it may come and go. The pain can be feel like a burning sensation or a sharp, dull one. 

Anyone can suffer from earache but it's more common in children. Earache is mostly due to the fluid build up in the middle ear. Other causes are loud sounds, common cold, ear infection, ear wax, nasal passage blockage, damage inside the ear, and increase in air pressure. Learning all about this, I know what discomfort our son was feeling then. Also, ear infection may cause hearing loss that may require the use of hearing aid in the long run.

Immediately, I do a research about natural home remedies and read about olive as a natural remedy for earaches. I found out that olive oil has an anti-inflammatory effect. Thus, it can provide fast relief from an earache. It serves as lubricant and helps get rid of ear infection too.

Here's how to use olive oil as a natural remedy for earaches:

1. Put 3-4 drops of lukewarm olive oil into the ear canal.
2. Or dip a cotton bud in the olive oil and put it firmly inside the ear.

So we waist no time and bought a bottle of olive oil (even if it's included in our weekly budget). What we did is Daddy put 3 drops of olive oil in a spoon then he used a candle to heat the spoon until the oil is lukewarm. Heating just quick and make sure the oil is not too warm. Then we used a medicine dropper to put 3 drops of that lukewarm olive oil into our son's affected ear.

The next day,  our son had an instant relief from earache. I also tried putting a cotton ball moist with olive oil into an aching pimple on my outer ear and just overnight, the swelling disappear. Great relief right?

This is why olive oil, just like apple cider vinegar, will now be included in our to buy list. Aside from it is a natural remedy to earache, olive oil has other amazing health and beauty benefits too. That will be our topic next week so watch out for it.

Have a blessed weekend everyone!

Source: Home Remedies for Earaches
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