Saturday, November 22, 2014

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Sorry guys. 

Seems like I cannot sustain the daily posts I did last week. This week was a super busy week for me. From Monday to Wednesday we had workshops and meeting. It was indeed a very stressful week for me.

So let me just share the highlight of my super busy week, which is not over yet.

Just like what I said, I started the week with a workshop. It was job related and we talked about laboratory improvement. It was a 2-day workshop, which gave us a lot of information on good laboratory practices. Those new information gave me inspiration to work more for our laboratory's improvement.

I will not go into more details because it's a technical stuff already. Then, after the workshop we had our long over due group meeting. Actually I did most of the talks as I have  lots of concerns, haha. Our main topic is laboratory alignment. We have two company laboratories now and the management is planning to add more satellite laboratories.

So it's very important to do the alignment of the SOPs and the system between the laboratories. With this meeting, I hope the two laboratories will have a better communication and interaction too. Less headache for me, lol.

The above updates are all about my work. Now let me share about personal stuff naman. Since we are so busy, we only finished a batch of crochet MTO. Here's a pair of crochet Nike booties and hat.

crochet Nike booties and hat

Of course, the main character will always be Matthew Andrei. Guess what he's into now?

He said he is the Iron(man) Chef. Oh by the way, did I already told you he's into Avengers and Iron man now? Yeah, from Disney Cars to Avengers. But then, he got so interested with cooking naman. A friend also told me that his son of Matthew's age too loves to playing cooking. He used to be obsessed with cars too. Is this a phase?

Well, anyway, the next day naman he's suddenly acting like a doctor.

He will heal his Lola daw. His being helpful is sometimes too much that if he will not do what he used to be doing, his world will fall apart. Lol!

This little boy is truly a joy and stress reliever. Look what he took home for us.

He got perfect long quizzes, and two perfect quarterly exam in GMRC and English. While he got 1 mistake for his Science and Filipino exams, and 3 mistakes for Mathematics. Not bad, right?

Actually, Matthew is still very playful and often times he is not behaving well in school. Just this week, his teacher said he is misbehaving and saying not so good words, thus he had no big stars. Because of that remarks, I talked to him that I will take everything he loves to play with and will not get them back until he act accordingly in school. Even if it's painful to me to see he's hurting, I have no choice but to punish him. Also, we stopped giving him rewards.

I know he was deeply hurt but after that painful talk, I explained to him we are not angry at him but to the bad behavior he's showing. Yes, maybe he is just a kid but I think it's just right to act now when we can still control him and when he's still listening to us. I'm praying that in time he will learn to be more serious, but even how makulit he is, our love for him will never change.

It was indeed a very stressful week for me. Actually, I had a breakdown this week. I was so stressed and I felt so low. So I ask God for more strength and I keep my faith on Him that everything will be okay. I'm okay now and I'm happy that Matthew is realizing his mistakes. That's why he got his lego car Daddy got from Shell. #shell #lego #ferrarilego #ferrarif12

Shell Lego Ferrari 12 Berlinetta
So this super stressful work week ends well and sweet.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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