Thursday, November 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Before and After

Time flies so fast. Our little boy is a baby no more.

Last Sunday, Daddy showed to Matthew his baby pictures. I don't know why, but Matthew was laughing at all his baby pictures. He even tried to imitate this one.

He changed a lot noh? Though the two dimples are still there. As he grow up, his choices and likes change too. If he loves McQueen and cars before, now guess who he likes the most. It's Iron Man and the Avengers!

It started when he watched the Iron Man series. He said he is Iron Man and he even told me he wants an Avengers party next year.

And if before we keep on reminding him of what not to say and do, aba baligtad na ngayon. I have already told you about the throwing of things issue right? Now he even remind us of words we should not tell. Like one night when Daddy and I are talking about something.

Mommy: Daddy ang pangit naman nun e.
Matthew: Mommy, di ba po bad magsabi ng pangit?
Mommy: Ay sorry anak.

Napahiya na naman si Mommy. Oo nga pala, I always told him saying pangit is not good.

Matthew: Dapat sabihin mo po gwa-po.

Haha! We are happy he's picking all our reminders. I am praying he will live with it and be a good man. That's all and I will be the happiest mother.

Happy Thursday!
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