Friday, July 31, 2015

Matthew's First Dental Visit + Minions McDip Experience

I know it's a bit late. Though he had a dental check up once in  his school, this is the first time we went to a dental clinic.

I intentionally delayed it because I want his first dental visit to be a pleasant one. I waited till I can talk to him about what he will do and what he will expect on the visit. I don't want him to be like me who grew up afraid of dentist. My first dental visit was a like a nightmare for me kasi. And I don't want him to experience the same thing too.

So there we went to the nearest dental clinic that is very child friendly.

dental clinic
photo source: Tooth care provider inc
I was nervous at first because knowing hyperactive Matthew is, he might not cooperate. But I was surprise how he behave well the whole procedure.

He had first oral prophylaxis. Also, Matthew had two molar teeth that has cavities so the Dentist had to seal with fillings to prevent further damage and to protect the pulp from bacteria.

After dental filling, the Dentist applied fluoride on his teeth to fight cavities away.

Part of the cleaning also includes dental bleaching.

The Dentist was so amazed on how behave Matthew was thinking it was his first time. In less than 30 minutes, he was done. For that. the Dentist gave his a toy as a gift.

Now, Matthew is more confident to show his teeth and smile from cheek to cheek. And roar like this, look!

Finally, as a reward, we treated him at McDo and had our first Minions McDip experience. He also had this Happy Meal Transformer toy.

Our little boy had so much fun and so was his Daddy, haha!

This day was also our pre-anniversary celebration :) Always looking forward to weekend. Have a great one!
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