Friday, July 17, 2015

#MinionsAtMcDo Invade our Home

Almost two weeks ago, Matthew asked us to buy him the Minion McDo Happy Meal. I told him he will have the complete set soon but the little boy can't wait for it and so we bought him one.

Minions Happy Meal Set
He was  so happy! Just look at that smile. By the way, he chose Guitar Strumming Stuart.

Guitar Strumming Stuart
Then a few days later, we received the surprise gift from McDonald's. This time, our little boy cannot contained his happiness.

Minions Happy Meal Set
Presenting, Minions Happy Meal set!

Minions Happy Meal Set
Our little boy can not wait to play with them. He grabbed one from the set while Daddy was taking photos. Haha!

#MinionsAtMcDo Invade our Home
Our home is never the same again... Because Minions invade our home.

#MinionsAtMcDo Invade our Home
Matthew can't get enough of his Minions.

#MinionsAtMcDo Invade our Home
And he even asked his Daddy to crochet a Minion hat.

Crochet Minion Hat
Hmmm. I think someone will ask a Minion themed birthday party next year. 

Oh by the way, a special treat awaits for those who will post their Minions Happy Meal Set on Instagram. Get a chance to win four (4) tickets to the Minions Movie simply by posting your very own “Minions Invasion”. Show us how the Minions toys have invaded your desk, office, home, etc. The most creative, playful, and funny post wins the prize! PS: Don’t forget to use the hashtag #MinionsAtMcDo.

AlsoMinions Banana Festival is happening now at McDonald's for a limited time only. I have yet to taste the Minions Banana McDip at Php 15.00 only. The McDonald's branch near our place is under renovation but I will surely have a taste of it the soonest.

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