Friday, July 10, 2015

My Melawares and Urban Kitchen Tableware Set

Last week, I went home to this Melawares and Urban Kitchen Tableware set.

Melawares and Urnam Kitchen Tableware Set
This Melawares and Urban Kitchen tableware set is the prize I won from Mommy Bloggers Philippines' Mother's Day Giveaway last May. Of course I was so excited and can't wait to open all the boxes.

Melawares and Urban Kitchen Tableware Set
This tableware set is perfect for us since Daddy loves to cook.  I asked Daddy to take photos of each so I can share them with you.

Melawares Rectangular Platter

Melawares 2-Pc Serving Bowl

Melawares Multipurpose Cake Stand
This Multipurpose Cake Stand can also turn into like this.

Melawares Multipurpose Cake Stand turns dish bowl with a dip.
Daddy super like this 3-tier Dessert Stand naman as he is practicing baking cupcakes, brownies and other sweets.

Melawares 3-tier Dessert Stand
We already used the 2-piece serving bowl. So nice!

Thank you so much Melawares and Urban Kitchen, and also to Mommy Bloggers Philippines for hosting the giveaway.
Disclaimer: I received this Melawares and Urban Kitchen tableware as a giveaway prize. However, my opinion are all mine.
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