Thursday, July 2, 2015

Cousins + Love = Cuteness Overload

My sister together with her two kids are vacationing at home. Matthew is not used to being with other kids at home. In fact there are times I feel he doesn't like the attention being divided. He doesn't want to share. But as days goes by, our little boy is adjusting, and is learning to share and give way to his younger cousins.

Our home is filled with laughter, giggles and cuteness (and occasional crying, haha!). And they love taking photos as well. So let me share their super cute photos.

Warning: Cuteness overload!

The photo above was taken on the 7th month birthday celebration (is that right? haha) of baby PJ. Daddy baked a yema cake and we had a special dinner.

Here naman, the two were watching Goin Bulilits. These two kiddos loves to fight but most of the times they are sweet. Haha. Look!

They are partners in crime too.

It's really nice to go home with these cute little kids waiting. I am so sure Matthew is enjoying this time with his cousins. It helps him to be more patient and acts maturely. So in the future when he will have a younger sibling, he knows what to do and feel.

Have a very great day everyone!
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