Thursday, January 7, 2016

My Realizations From The Year That Was, 2015

2015 has been a very challenging for us. It was a tough year, financially, physically and emotionally, for us a family. But 2015 was a year when God showed me how blessed I am. God also made me realized and learned lessons the hardest way. But it's all worth because that made me a better me, a much better me.

Now let me share with you my realizations from the year that was.

A mother has the power to bring peace inside the family.

This year, our family's relationship has been put into a test. The conflict between me and my brother started in 2014 after he had dragged us to his financial problem. But we are very lucky because we still have our mother. She has the power to bring peace between us. I realized that no matter what, family will always be a family. Thanks to our mother.

Money is the easiest problem.

Maybe some of you will disagree but based on what we have gone through this year, it's the financial problem that was the easiest. Easiest because money can be replaced especially when you are hardworking. Money can easily be earned unlike when you have problem with health or relationships.

Never give up on people you love.

When my brother and I had a conflict because of financial issues, I almost give up on him. But because of my mother and because I love him, I stood my him. Thank God that before the 2015 ends almost all of his financial obligations are settled. I just can't imagine where he is now if I left him instead. I am praying that he also learned his lessons and change for the better.

Being a mother is the toughest job ever but the most rewarding one.

It's been almost 6 years since I became a mom. But I am still learning everyday (check out the 11 most important lessons I have learned as a mom)  and that everyday, I am experiencing that thing we call mommy guilt

Just this holiday, my son asked me when will my job end. I asked him why, then replied so I can just stay at home na lang daw. I asked him why he wanted me to stay at home, he replied with "para po may mommy ako maghahatid at susundo sa akin sa school." He added innocently, "kasi niloloko ako ng mga classmates ko, wala daw ako mommy at daddy." Such conversation with my son always break my heart. All I can do for now is hug him and tell him it will happen in God's time. I am thankful that I have a very understanding and independent son.

Whether you are a working or stay at home mom, I know you will agree that being a mom is the toughest job. At habang lumalaki ang mga anak natin, lalo nagiging mahirap ang ating trabaho. But I realized it's the most rewarding job, especially if you have a family who appreciates everything you are doing.

We can always make up with your kids, but we cannot bring back the time.

Like what I have said, I am thankful to have a very understanding son. When we failed to fulfill our promise to accompany him to his first pajama party, we made bawi by spending quality time with him at the park. He was so happy na kahit papaano nabawasan yun guilt na nararamdaman ko.

Actually, we can always make up with our kids naman. But I realized no matter how many toys and suhol I will give my son, I can't bring back the lost time. So I always do my best to spend time with him because I know he's growing fast and soon will not need me the same way he needed me now.

Supporting and loving my son unconditionally.

I know my son is makulit but I don't know why there's a slight prickling in my heart every time I hear that word to describe him. Every time he will bring home a sad or mad face from school, I can not help but ask myself if I am failing in raising a good child. Thinking I can guide him more, I even told Daddy that maybe I should stay at home. Daddy said we should give him time because he's just 5. I realized that my son is my son and I don't need to change him. He will grow to be the best man he will be as long as we are here to support and love him unconditionally. Also, I should not worry and stress myself because our little boy even if they call makulit is a very bright kid. Just recently, he was chosen to represent his school and placed 9th on his his first spelling bee contest. I can't remember achieving such when I was his age, hehe. 

Saving more than spending.

Surprisingly, even we were challenged financially, we have more savings in 2015. We have finished 52-week money challenge for Daddy and I, for Matt, for my Nanay and for my in-laws, Now naman we are saving money through envelope system. Saving is one of my goals for 2015 and it feels great that I have actually reached it even if we have financial issues.

Quality blogging and more blog opportunities

Quality blogging is one of my goals in 2015. I promised to be just myself and forget about if I can't write well. Mahalaga naiintindihan ang gusto kong sabihin. Thankfully, 2015 brought us unexpected blessings from our blogs. Brands are starting to contact us and we received more quality and high-paying blog opportunities last year. Nakakataba ng puso lalo na kapag nalalaman kong may naglalaan ng oras na magbasa ng blog ko. Yun yung nakaka-inspire. From the bottom of my heart, thank you my dear readers. Mahal ko kayo! (with #pabebewave).

And to the brands who have trusted us, thank you, thank you po! Hope to still work with you in 2016.

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Over all, I realized that the highlights of my 2015 are not about material things. Rather, the highlights are the lessons I have learned from all the happenings in 2015. And the best thing I learned is to trust God because when everything fails, He will be there and will never fail us.

I am praying for a peaceful and bountiful 2016 in God's name. Wish you all the same and God bless!
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