Sunday, January 24, 2016

Starting Right with Fitness Gears only at #loveSnR

Getting fit is one of my goals for this year. It's been my yearly goals and little by little I am getting there. Honestly, Daddy and I are struggling to lose weight. We have tried several kinds of diets already that just resulted to yo-yo effect on us. We will lose weight then gain weight 2 times pa na ng lose namin. Kasi naman we have a stressful work and ang sarap ikain ng stress hindi ba? And as you all know, the Chemist Dad loves to cook. O e paano naman kami papayat nyan, haha!

Okay, I should stop justifying our failure to get into shape and our ideal weights. I know I must take this getting fit goal seriously because health is wealth. Agree kayo? Living a healthy lifestyle is the key. Bawas na muna ang pagkain sa fast foods and avoid eating junk foods. Also, Daddy and I eat less rice now. Then we regularly drink green tea and take in more fiber from fruits and vegetables. 

Aside from eating right, I already started with Zumba exercise every morning with Daddy and our little boy.

See our little boy? He wakes up very early everyday to join us. We are also doing an abs workout. Look at this boy telling who kept po telling me he wants an abs too, haha!

Our little boy is a little overweight now, but is very active naman. Everyone who see him will say he's adorable and cute. However, I am afraid he will grow with an unhealthy lifestyle making it more difficult for him to lose weight once he's grown up na. That's why we decided to include him to our getting fit goal. I am happy that it's not difficult to convince him and he's the one who will remind us with our Zumba exercise.

I also want to try Yoga. Naku last year ko pa yan gusto subukan. Naghahanap lang ako ng perfect space sa bahay. Daddy naman is planning to buy fitness gears. Good thing we can find all the fitness gears and must haves at S&R.

Eversince, Daddy wishes to have a mini gym at home. So the above Bench DD4 at P8,554.95, Trax Mag Elliptical Bike at P11,959.95, Pyrofoam Hybrid Trainer at P23,799.9560in China Longbar with Collar at P879.95, and Power Press Push Up at P929.95 only, are great for a mini gym at home. Also, since Daddy wanted to have muscles and abs, he would probably want to have additional Hamertone Plates 10lbs at P529.95, 20 lbs at P979.95 and 25lbs at P1,269.95 only. To monitor our weights naman, this Digital Bamboo Scale at P799.95 is a must have too.

Digital Bamboo Scale at P799.95
Syempre it's much better naman if we also have the right sports attire for comfort like this Zumba Sando at P299.95 only.

The Zumba sando will be perfect with either this Active Essentials Yoga & Run Shorts at P599.95 or this Active Essentials Gym & Go Capri Pants at P899.95.

Active Essentials Gym & Go Capri Pants at P899.95 and Yoga & Run Shorts at P599.95
 Pwede din this Active Essentials Gym & Go Dri-Fit Vneck Tea at P599.95 only.

Active Essentials Gym & Go Dri-Fit Vneck Tea at P599.95
If you are into running naman in the morning, you should get this Active Essentials Running Jacket at P1,499.95 only.

Active Essentials Running Jacket at P1,499.95
In fairness, sports wear are very affordable at S&R di ba? But wait there's more. You can also find affordable bikes at S&R.

If you are planning to buy bicycles for your family, the Aleoca Mountain Bike at P7,179.95, Aleoca Folding Bike at P5,999.95 and the Aleoca Kids Bike Girl at P4,219.95 are perfect. Heto naman ang peg ng little boy namin. Bilin daw namin for him kapag nag-8 years old sya. Talaga naman, hehe...

For safety, this Pacific Adult Helmet at P499.95 is a must have too.

Pacific Adult Helmet at P499.95
 For those who loves basketball naman. This Spalding Never Flat is sale at P1799.95 only.

Spalding Never Flat is sale at P1799.95
There's also this Mini Soccer ball at P1,329.95 only.

Finally after a day of long work, it's nice to have this Homedics Shiatsu Massage Cushion at P9,799.95 only.
Homedics Shiatsu Massage Cushion at P9,799.95
Ayan ha, complete na ang ating fitness gears and must have to get fit for us to start the year right. Of course, we can only find these at affordable price only at #loveSnR.

Happy shopping!

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