Monday, January 4, 2016

Celebrating A Memorable New Year with #RedRibbonCelebration Cakes

Happy New Year everyone! How do you celebrate New Year? 

We had a simple celebration with our family at home. We had barbeque, salad, lasagna and sweets like bibingka and cake, and lots of round fruits and chocolates.

It has been our tradition kasi na maghanda ng sweets like chocolates and cakes. Good thing Daddy knows how to bake na. But even if before we really bought cakes from our favorite bakeshop, Red Ribbon!

From the Press Release Kit:

Welcoming the new year is one tradition that is observed all over the world.  It is an occasion usually marked by festivities and warm, loving family get-togethers that not only remind everyone of the promises of the coming year but more importantly, bring people closer.  It is a time when social and familial bonds are renewed as a new year is ushered in.

It is a time when we all look towards the future as we prepare lists of resolutions with the intent of being better people.  It is also a time when we welcome change for the better and prepare for what is in store. 

In the Philippines, new year feasts are as anticipated as the Christmas noche buena.  In most homes, it is a time when the most sumptuous meals are prepared and shared among family and friends.  And as always, the feasting will never be complete if not capped with an obligatory cake or sweet ending - indeed, the perfect punctuation point to any festivity.

“We are one with the Filipino family in welcoming the blessings of the New Year because it is a time for togetherness and renewal,” said Zinnia Rivera, general manager of Red Ribbon. “And our many cakes and sweet offerings promise to make the celebration so much more memorable.”

Red Ribbon offers a wide range of goodies to choose from for any occasion - Black Forest cake, Triple Chocolate Roll, Dedication cakes, Butter Mamon, just to name a few - these sweet delights will surely make any new year feast so much more enjoyable, memorable and fun. 

Dedication cake is always our favorite because it is budget-friendly!
Double Deck Dedication Red Ribbon Cake

Whether you fancy round cakes, rolls, square cakes, breads or pastries, every item is made with the best of everything because every family is worth it.  But more importantly, opening a box or a pack of Red Ribbon immediately makes the new year celebration something to remember all year round.

“Our many products have long become a staple of not just New Year’s celebration but of any gathering whether simple or grand.  This is because we believe that any opportunity for family and friends to come together should be memorable and marking the occasion with a Red Ribbon will do just that.” Rivera added.

So, welcome the new year as only your family deserves because new year will always be a special time for Filipinos. 

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Red Ribbon brightens tables, 
brings family and friends closer