Saturday, February 6, 2016

First Aid When Children are Vomiting + Stomach Flu

Our little boy got sick last week. It's his usual sickness na vomiting followed by low grade fever. Sakit na nya yun talaga. Maybe he had eaten something that his stomach didn't like. It's been almost 6 years na may ganitong eksena pero kahit sabihin kong sanay na ako, hindi pa din pala. Kinakabahan pa din ako and I kept on whispering "Lord, please heal my son."

Ay, gising pa pala!

My son is such a strong boy talaga. Imagine muntik na nya isuka pati bituka (pasintabi po...) nya pero he still manage to smile like this.

Children are like that talaga ano? Hindi nila iniinda ang sakit, happy lang. I wish ganyan din tayong adult. Gusto pa nga niya pumasok the next day kung hindi lang sya napuyat kasi nagugutom daw at mainit, haha. I told him to rest and thank God he's not vomiting na. 

Here's a first aid when your child is vomiting non stop or when he's vomiting whatever he's eating. Blend a carrot and extract the juice. If you have a juicer much better. Little by little, let your child drink that. The carrot juice will help stabilize the acidity of the stomach to prevent acid reflux causing the vomiting. It also better to store Erceflora at home. Erceflora has 2 billions of probiotic microorganisms that can help the stomach fight the bad bacteria in there.

Usually in children, vomiting is followed by loose stools to flush out toxin or bacteria. You need to keep your child dehydrated. Feed your child the BRAT (Banana, Rice, Apple Sauce, Toast) diet. (Read: What We Should Know About Toddler’s Diarrhea)

Also, watch out for symptoms like these:

  • diarrhea, 2-3 loose watery stools
  • nausea and vomiting
  • stomach cramps or tenderness
  • chills and fever
  • loss of appetite
  • over-all weakness
  • dehydration
Which can be signs of Gastroenteritis or stomach flu, which is caused by a virus. Also called as intestinal flu since the virus mainly affects the stomach and intestines. Symptoms may vary from one person to person but generally, Gastroenteritisis marked with loose stools. Since it's viral, there's no medicine for this except to treat the symptoms. When the symptoms get worst and unmanageable already, you should see a Doctor immediately.

Lastly, we parents know our children. Always track back their sickness history and remember the medicine or prescription from the doctor. If the sickness is still manageable don't rush to ER or to the doctor that very moment because that would stress more our children. Stay calm so you can think right.

Have a blessed weekend!
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