Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday Inspiration: The Irony of Life

Saw this at Facebook and it made me think so much...

photo source: Facebook
I am a full time working mom. We have a house help/nanny who is looking after my son and my mother. I entrust my son and my mother to her but honestly, I don't trust her that much especially with material things. How come I can leave the two most precious people in my life with her but I don't trust her fully?

This is the irony my life. Made me realized that am I already giving more importance on material wealth than the people in my life? Just now, I am questioning my self if leaving my son and my mother everyday is worth the money I am earning. No, no amount of mother is worth them. But this is the situation I am into today and I trust God He will lead me to where my heart is. And that is home where the people I love so much are.

To all working moms like, if your child will ask you this, what will you tell him/her?
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