Monday, February 15, 2016

Our Valentine's Day 2016

As always, we had a simple celebration of Valentine's Day. We don't have fancy lunch or dinner but it was a joyful day because of the people I spent with.

Let me start with this early surprise from my two boys.

The chocolates are from Daddy while the three calachuchi flowers are from Matthew. Actually, I asked flowers from Matthew. He said he have no money to buy but he will pick up flowers for me daw. So when he rose from bed, he immediately went outside to get those flowers. He even said when he's working an daw he will buy me flowers, cellphone, bag, etc... Oh, I almost forgot, he gave me this pala a week before Valentine's day. So sweet of him. 

Those are simple gifts but these already made my day. I am so blessed to have two wonderful boys in my life. And of course, I have my Nanay who's always been my inspiration.

I am always thankful because God keeps her safe and healthy. I am lucky to still spend my everyday with her, taking care of her and showing her how much I love her. 

Moving on, because Valentine's day fell on a Sunday, it's a house chore day for me. Kuracha lang ang peg. Alam nyo naman mga Nanay, wala talaga kapaguran yan. Linis dito, ligpit doon kapag nasa bahay. Nataon pang nagday off ang aming kasama. Thank God, my two boys are always a big help for me.

Ooopss... This was after our breakfast and this was our conversation.

Mommy: Anak maglinis ka kaya muna bago ka magtablet.
Matt: E nagpapababa pa po ako ng kinain e.

May tama naman sya, kakain nga naman e. After that naman, he volunteered to help me clean our bedroom.

Then came lunch, I prepared this.

Grilled  liempo and buttered vegetable for our lunch. Thank you to Daddy A for the plating. Speaking of Daddy A, he's missing in action because he's finishing this crochet tiger hat,

So we can go on with our late afternoon date.

Ang gwapo ng dalawa kong ka-date ano? But before anything else, we went to His home to give thanks for everything He's giving us. 

We went to the park kaya lang puro tiangge pa din naman. I asked Matthew what he wants, he said sundae.

That's how our date went, simple lang. Happy na kami, happy na si Matthew. We went home na after buying some ingredients for our dinner naman. Dahil ako naman ang nagluto ng lunch and I'm busy studying with Matthew, si Daddy naman ang nagprepare ng dinner.

Matthew can't wait to have dinner na. Haha!

That's our simple Valentine's day celebration. Sabi sa inyo simple lang kami magcelebrate but we see to it we enjoyed the day.

Happy Post Hearts Day!
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